Special Edition
K 1600 Grand America – Option 719 Midnight

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The BMW K 1600 Grand America

Option 719 Midnight special edition

Do you like exclusive trips or do you strive towards something more exclusive? You decide. Our response: we have applied the complex water transfer process for the first time in motorcycle series production and this paintwork makes every bike unique. Option 719 Midnight depicts an entire galaxy. It represents an infinite number of places and spaces to discover. Each of its stars is unique and forms part of a bigger picture.

Insight into the factory

Layer by layer

Layer by layer

The time-consuming and labour-intensive painting process allowed us to carefully think through every step – from the very first pigment: the graphics have been calculated so that the overall picture is consistent after installation. Meteoric II dust metallic paintwork serves as the basis. The actual motif of the galaxy is applied from a backing film, which is activated in a water bath. In this process, pigments separate from the backing film and start to float.

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Dive into new spheres

Dive into new spheres

As part of painting, we immerse the corresponding component in this bath to make pigments adhere to it. We are forced to manually carry out this process as a result of the water’s flow behaviour, the positioning of the graphic and the shape of the parts. Material sensitivity, immersion angle and speed are paramount. In other words: intuition. This makes each part a unique section of an entire galaxy. Finally, parts are finished with a high-gloss top coat.

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Water transfer paintwork gave us the opportunity to implement completely new paintwork and graphic effects, plus be the first manufacturer to apply these in motorcycle series production.


Theresa Stukenbrock

Colour graphics surface designer

coats to complete the paintwork
immersion process – no second chance

Other Option 719 Midnight highlights

Other Option 719 Midnight highlights

In addition the paintwork, Option 719 Midnight also offers other exclusive features: a high-quality, aluminium Midnight badge on the tank cover. The black Option 719 bench seat features a cloud print and model name lettering. The windscreen panels and handlebar weights are black and the front-wheel cover, slipstream deflectors and tank cover stand out in Meteoric II dust metallic: Exclusive character in every detail.

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Discover performance touring

K 1600 Grand America

The Option 719 Midnight special edition was developed for genuine individualists aiming to boost the exclusive character even more. Find out here what else the K 1600 Grand America with its legendary six-cylinder engine can offer you and your companion – in addition to luxurious trips with characteristic bagger design.

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