Customizing Inspiration One

Expressive, cool, sporty

The R 18 has a particularly expressive effect with Manhattan metallic matt paintwork. This look is enhanced by the headlight cover and 2-Tone-Black wheels made of milled aluminium. The high-grade black Custom single seat bench in conjunction with the black, low ape-hanger handlebars guarantees a cool appearance. Tapered rear silencers, making each ride not just a visual, but an audible experience, round off the bike in a sporty fashion.

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Black Custom single seat bench

The black Custom single seat bench with a high-grade finish is a sporty highlight thanks to its attractive cross steps and a low seat height.

2-Tone-Black headlight cover

The high-grade 2-Tone-Black headlight cover made of milled aluminium represents an additional design highlight.

2-Tone-Black rear wheel, 5.00x16"

Allow us to introduce the high-quality 2-Tone-Black aluminium rear wheel in Bicolour appearance with elaborate contrast machining.

Tapered rear silencer, black

The Tapered rear silencers emphasise the boxer sound and make every ride an optical and visual experience.

Ape-hanger black handlebars, 6.5"

Ape-hanger handlebars at a height of 6.5", boasting a confident Custom style, create an extremely cool look at a relaxed seating position.

Manhattan metallic matt

Manhattan metallic matt paintwork lends the motorcycle an elegant, yet expressive appearance.

Customizing Inspiration Two

Contemporary, sophisticated, extravagant

The Velvet green metallic paintwork of the Option 719 Olivine gives the bike an iconic look. The chrome-plated LED flashing turn indicators and rear light combination lend an air of exclusivity. Further eye-catching features are the beach bar 36/7 handlebars and chrome-plated, tapered rear silencers.

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Chrome-plated Tapered rear silencers

The Tapered rear silencers emphasise the boxer sound and make every ride an optical and visual experience.

Option 719 Olivine

As iconic as the R 18: the Velvet green metallic paintwork.

Chrome-plated LED flashing turn indicator and rear light combination

The chrome-plated LED flashing turn indicator and rear light combination unites all the functions in one attractive housing.

Chrome-plated LED flashing turn indicators at the front

The LED flashing turn indicator in a chrome-plated metal housing is a genuine high-end product and sets the benchmark for design and function.

Chrome-plated Beachbar handlebars, 36/7"

Chrome-plated 36/7" beach bar handlebars enable you to sit in an upright and relaxed position and hearken back to the good old days of motorcycling.

Customizing Inspiration Three

Passionate, confident style, casual

The R 18 in Black storm metallic/Vintage is the look of true passion. Black design elements such as the powertrain and bobber kit with number plate carrier are striking features. The look is rounded off by exclusive, chrome-plated accessories such as the short rear silencers, the ape-hanger 16 handlebars and the high-quality wheel set.

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Black storm metallic/Vintage

The Black storm metallic/Vintage paintwork makes the bike look like a true classic.

Black powertrain

The black powertrain emphasises the bike’s powerful look.

Design package Black

The black coated surfaces of this package, comprising timing cover, cylinder head covers and intake snorkel cover, ensure a stylish look.


Bobber kit with black number plate carrier

The bobber kit comes with a flat rear-wheel cover including black number plate carrier, retaining bracket for the turn indicators and a tribute to the single seat.

Chrome-plated wheel set, front 3.50x21", rear 5.50x18"

The high-grade aluminium rim set boasts elaborate milling with a chrome-plated surface.

Short, chrome-plated rear silencers

Short, chrome-plated rear silencers ensure a sporty look at the rear end.

16" ape-hanger chrome-plated handlebars

Create a relaxed appearance with the 16"-high ape-hanger handlebars in a stylishly confident custom look.

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